MyZesty - App Features - Download for iOS & Android
Custom filtersDon’t know how to express your mood or feeling? Let the colors speak for you.
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Under waterMyZesty Under water Filters bring life to your underwater images.
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Chroma1) Green background selfie2) MyZesty Chroma3) Iconic landscape images= Amazing photos
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PresetsAwesome preset filters to set the right mood for your images.
CurveAdjust the tone of your images with Curves.
Magic TouchOne-click auto edit.
Poster, Collage and FrameFrame your best memories using a collection of instant posters, collages & frames.
And many more to explore
DrawAdd customize drawings and handwritten comments to your images.
BlurCircular, Radial, Vertical, Horizontal, Inclusive, Exclusive, anyway you like it.
BlendGet creative and blend images.
OverlayAdd awesome textures to your photos.
StickerMake a statement by adding a variety of stickers.
VignetteDirect the viewers focus on your shots.
TextChoose a font, write a text, set the size and the scale place it where it looks nice.
ColorRich colors or light colors, yellowish or purplish create the image you like.
FadeLeave it up to the viewer’s imagination with artistically created faded images.
TuneGet creative with the Tune adjustments.